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What is QR Digital vCard ? This First Paperless Digital Business Card for your Business. A Universal Simple QR Code. Scan from Camera & You Card will Appear.
How to Design QR Digital vCard ? Our vCard Designers will support you in Designing your Ist Digital QR vCard.
How to Attach Business Location in QR vCard? You can easily add your Google Location / Whats App Location to your QR Digital vCard via your Customer Panel.
How to Attach WhatsApp ? You can easily attach & enable Direct WhatsApp Message Button on your Digital QR vCard via your Customer Panel.
How to Add Services in Digital QR vCard You can Add & Attach Unlimited Services in your Digital QR vCard.
How to Customize QR vCard Design ? Our Designers support 24X7 for any Customization Tweaking in User Interface of QR vCard.